Allow others to get the education that you received.

Give Now

Paying back the good we have received is the best way of being grateful. To you who fully lived the educational experience of AYSE schools, we’d like to tell you how you can help us.

You know what the education you received is worth and how important it is to mold future generations with moral values and human quality.

Donate and make many things possible:

  • An all-round education, which includes much more than academic excellence. In AYSE we promote the experience of human values that prepare you for life.

  • The personalized attention towards our students makes the difference, thanks to the accompaniment of the tutors and the dedication of their guides.

  • The formation and transformation of vigorous families who are capable of meeting society’s actual challenges. We work for the fathers, mothers, teachers and for our students.

  • We generate a multiplying impact with the formation of leading women and families who commit themselves to their society and their country.

What is this initiative all about?

AYSE schools form a net of seven institutions that give education to young girls and teenagers in Venezuela. AYSE’s education gives each student the ability of becoming the best version of herself. AYSE has attended to more than 10.000 young Venezuelans and their families in four different cities: Caracas, Valencia, Barquisimeto and Maracaibo.

The challenge is to help maintain AYSE schools in excellent conditions, without becoming an unbearable burden for the families who actually benefit from our schools. To achieve this, we count on you.

How can you help?

Each and every donation is valuable to us. Contribute according to your own possibilities.

Support You Are AYSE


Checks made to American Initiatives for Social Development, memo line: You are AYSE, may be sent to:
American Initiatives for Social Development
Murray Hill Station
PO Box 1670
New York, NY 10156-1670