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Wavecrest Study Centre helps young girls living in the suburban area of Lagos State who are often challenged in managing their time for academic pursuits and in developing talents and skills to excel in schools. The center has formed organized clubs which provide junior and secondary school aged girls from eleven to nineteen years old a well-rounded formation that aims to help them achieve their academic potential, enrich their personality and build their self-confidence.


The clubs offer various academic classes in study techniques, public speaking and effective writing. Practical classes are offered as well in home management, cooking and baking plus cultural classes in music and arts and crafts. Students are given individualized attention through tutoring and mentoring. The clubs also carry out community service projects that cater to less privileged children or those with special needs which in turn help them develop leadership and team building skills as well as grow in virtues of compassion, magnanimity and generosity.

Your donation is needed for the construction of a new building to house the clubs with ample space and facilities to carry out the various classes and activities of Wavecrest Study Centre.


Judith Ayemere; a past beneficiary of the club activities explained the impact the activities made in her life:

“I remember how I used to look forward to the activities of the club every Tuesday evening. I loved the serenity of the environment which was beautifully designed with potted plants and well kept furniture. What awed me the most was the maintenance culture of Wavecrest Study Centre. The furniture though they have been in use for ages still looked new. This maintenance culture I have tried to inculcate in my life; and not just me alone but all the club girls who came to the centre.

At times in my life when I was in compromising situations and had to make life changing decisions the teachings and values acquired from Wavecrest came to the fore. I was taught to live an ordered life, with a plan for everything be it career, social or spiritual. Though I still struggle with being that person I was formed to be but that is what makes me human. The moment we stop struggling with our challenges and give in to weakness and failure then we stop living because life is a continuous struggle.

It's worth mentioning that Wavecrest didn't just form me but made me a role model to my peers and those around me. The values Wavecrest gives to teenage girls is one that cannot be quantified. “Raise up a child in the way she should grow and when she does she will not depart from it”. This is what Wavecrest Study Centre did for me. It picks you up at a time when you are struggling with contemporary challenges and doesn't force its ways on you but gently guides you on the right path.”

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