Giving women the chance to establish their own personal project, and to grow humanly, spiritually and professionally.

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Pitahaya and Kasanay are two institutes in which we offer an opportunity to qualify for jobs in the area of hospitality in the state of Zulia, bordering with Colombia, where some native tribes are also located.

What is Pitahaya and Kasanay’s contribution?

They are institutes which train young women in the low income bracket to qualify for jobs, all in a familiar atmosphere.

They implement a plan of formation that allows them to develop in a harmonic way, human, spiritual, ethical, moral, professional and community values.

They receive a diploma of qualification in the area of hospitality and at the same time study secondary school subjects in Sciences.

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What does it mean to cooperate with Pitahaya and Kasanay?

  • That young women in the low income bracket will have access to an opportunity that can provide them a better future.

  • At the same time, they can study secondary school subjects and go to university.

  • They count on accommodation and daily meals.

  • Thanks to their own experience, they can participate in the programme PUEDES by means of which they can give support to the more underprivileged communities near  the institute.

  • They receive special training in the areas of Food and Beverages, textiles, laundry, sanitation and maintenance, events, services y protocol.

  • They have at their disposal well equipped workshops  to be able to learn the different specialties in a practical way.

  • There are areas for sports and extra-curricular activities.

  • They receive the material necessary to carry out their secondary school studies.

  • They develop many values, such as integrity, responsibility, desires for improvement, optimism, good presence, creativity, teamwork, leadership skills, among others.

Where do the institutes’ students come from?

Barinas, Lara, Apure, Falcón, Maracaibo, Los Andes and from the native tribes of Wayuu, Bari, Yucpa and Añú.

How have the lives of some of the graduates changed?

Yessenia: Degree in Preschool Education. She also has a ceramic workshop.
Aleida: Instructor in the School of Capacitación. And works in the Administration of the University Residence Albariza.
Arminda: Intensive Care Nurse
Yenssi: Student in the Faculty of Medicine
Ma. Clementina: Bakery Chef
Ana M.: Systems Engineer
Yenny: Degree in Integral Education


 34 years old – 1985 Promotion
A housewife and soon to obtain a degree in Education
“I was given the opportunity of going to Pitahaya. At first I thought that living in an institute was crazy. My mother told me that she would not force me to go, although she thought it would be a great opportunity for me. 'Go to the workshop and, if you like it, you can stay' she told me and I agreed. Things were entirely different to what I had imagined, Key continues saying. They welcomed me with great affection, I felt at home. The people who lived there would go out of their way to attend to us and to make us feel comfortable. I loved the food and it’s presentation on the table, the dishes were always well served and there was a sense of great peace. In December, they even gave us small Christmas gifts. I owe a great deal of what I have today to what I learnt there and in my day to day activities, I try to transmit it to others.”

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