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Montemira is a Boarding School which provides a three-year Technical Degree program in the hospitality field.

The target population of Montemira are young girls from rural or urban marginal area, from across the country. Over the years it has been proven the importance of starting to attend these girls from an early age not only to provide a proper education so that in future they can get a decent job, but also to help it come out of the problems faced by the clear majority of them, which is characterized mainly by the following factors: violence, teenage pregnancies and unfavorable economic situation.  


Considering the above situation, “Asociación de Fomento Cultural y Deportivo”, a Salvadoran NGO, non-profit organization, created Montemira as a boarding school for economically deprived young women primarily from rural areas. 

In the year 2000, the school received approval from the Ministry of Education to give secondary school education. In 2004, Montemira was approved to give a technical secondary education degree in the hospitality field, which is the only such degree accredited by the Salvadoran Ministry of Education. 


The school’s program focuses on 4 areas: academic, technical, human & spiritual. 

Once the students obtain their degree they can work in the service industry, in places such as: restaurants, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, etc. 

To finance their training and stay expenses, the girls usually pay 15% to 20% of the costs and Montemira offers scholarships to cover the rest. 

These scholarships are created out of donations from the sale of bakery produced in the school, individual, business, and international entities’ donations.


Previous experiences show us the benefits students obtained in the struggle for a positive influence in their family and community, as well as the knowledge that enables them to be incorporated in the labor market or in the monitoring of their university studies.




I am studying in Montemira because I want to overcome myself morally and academically. I want to be happy and my parents too. The purpose of your life is to reach what I propose myself and be sure that I can be happy doing what I do to be a better person. I am learning to respect others and myself, to discover the value that I have as a person, and to be more independent.

I think that school will influence greatly in my life since the training I receive, can lead me to achieve my goals. To be a person with values and principles, a professional person.

Guadalupe Saraí Carrillo Ayala
First grade of high school, 16 years old


I’m in Montemira because I want to learn more and become a professional person in my work and studies. I wish to be a person with virtues and values, and transmit them to other people to influence positively in their lives.

In the boarding school, I have learned to be more helpful and transmit the values that are offered to me, because that helps me to grow as a person. I think that school will influence in my life because it helps me to achieve all my goals and to overcome myself to be a professional.

Katherine Michelle Delgado
First grade of high school, 16 years old

I’m in Montemira because God wanted me to be here. I was able to meet good people who helped me very much; but I am also here because I want to overcome myself and be able to help my family. 

Montemira give us the training that will be the fundamental basis of our future. That's why we have to take advantage of everything the school gives us. My goal is to be a professional and to offer God a well-done job, to reach Heaven, to be a better person a little bit more every day and to be able to transfer to others, everything I have learned here.

Life in Montemira has helped me to learn to live with other people, who have different characters and many good things. In school, we learn to value each one of the companions and to respect them. I have also learned to know myself. At school, I learned to take advantage of training, taking care of many details in the physical and spiritual aspect; I've learned to look at my classmates as in my family, and I've learned to treat God.

I think that what I have learned in Montemira will help me in my life, since we have a responsibility to influence our society and transmit what we have learned; This will succeed it with God and with the training they have given us in the school. I thank God for bringing me to this school.

Fátima Nohemi Aguilar Lemus
Third year of high school, 18 years old

I have been studying in Montemira because I want to prepare myself professionally as well as spiritually to get a better future and get a good job and be happy.

Life in Montemira with other girls helped me to know myself and discover my virtues and defects and learning to be a better person.

I think that school will influence in your life in two ways: professionally, because everything we learn here help us to develop our skills and strive to do the job; Spiritually, because the training received is very important and it is for life.

Ana Margarita Sermeño
Third year of high school, 18 years old

I’m studying in Montemira because I want to be a better person, to discover my vocation and be closer to God. I wish to be able to help other people, to fall in love with God, to graduate and to fulfill the goal that I have set myself.

What I’m receiving at School is good because I’m learning to be closer to God, to discover Opus Dei, to learn new things, to be able to train as a good girl and to achieve what I set out to do. Montemira will help me to be a better girl and give good example to others and help them.

Rosa Esmeralda Alvarado
First grade of high school, 17 years old

I am in Montemira to obtain a technique degree and continue my studies, I want to learn many techniques related to the hospitality and put them into practice. The purpose of my life is to be professionally prepared to work and have incomes and help my parents.

Live in Montemira has helped me to be better person, because they have taught us many good things, to work professionally from the simplest to what it costs us slightly more; and achieve an environment where the charity is lived. Montemira has influenced my life a lot because they have taught me many techniques in hospitality, and the most important, I have learned many values that help me to be a better person.

Nora Lisset Andrés Méndez
Third grade of high school, 19 years old

I'm in school because I want a better future for me; my parents are proud of me because I’m studying in Montemira and I’m happy. I want my parents to feel proud of me when I graduate; start a business with my family.

Live in Montemira helped me to assess the effort that my parents are doing for me to be a better person. The training has helped me to realize my dignity as a person, to be closer to God and to serve others. The school influences my life in a great way because all I receive at school is helping me to reach my goals and to be a better person, with valuable and professional skills.

Jenifer Beatríz Díaz Alvarado
First grade of high school, 18 years old

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