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Manos Amigas is a non-profit organization, constituted under the laws of the Republic of El Salvador in 2001.The commitment and mission of Manos Amigas is to develop the skills of the economically disadvantaged families so that they can achieve a better life through employment, assist in construction of decent housing for the needy and provide access to health care and nutrition.

Our vision is to achieve the sustainable development of the community with equal opportunities for all the families.

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Everything is achieved through the implementation of comprehensive social programs that offer the necessary tools for families to be transformed in a positive and fundamental way so as to bring about progress in their own community.

Currently, the area of impact of Manos Amigas in El Salvador is the Department of La Paz, where we execute our projects aimed at developing the community in an integral manner, especially improving the lives of minors, seniors and women through health care, nutrition and construction of basic infrastructures.  Education and teaching of life skills promote the attitudinal change for personal and economic empowerment, especially with women in the rural areas who are mostly mothers and heads of households.

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This project is developed in our small Clinic located in the Miraflores III Community benefiting 3,500 people annually. In this clinic about 2,000 nutritional packages are delivered annually, thereby ensuring nutrition for families and avoiding cases of child malnutrition. This is made possible by international donations.

A doctor and a nurse perform medical and nutritional consultations in different communities, including the Santa Cristina School which has 350 students from kindergarten through high school. In the clinic, schools and other places visited by our doctor and nurse, information days are held to educate the participants on ways to eradicate seasonal diseases and maintain personal health and hygiene.

With this program, Manos Amigas serves the economically disadvantaged families, ensuring not only access to needed medical consultations but also to the medications and food necessary to stay healthy. 

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Manos Amigas has been working toward the improvement of the quality of life of the families who are most in need through the construction of decent housing with rooms and partitions that promote a culture of privacy and decency.

These homes are built by the residents themselves with the support of other people in the community. While on the job, the construction workers are trained in masonry and construction skills that will help them to find employment and generate income for their families.



Manos Amigas, with assistance from international donors, has built four wells, with the aim of ensuring that the communities have access to potable water. Although the impact area is located a few meters from the Comalapa road, which is one of the most important in the country, basic services, such as drinking water, are absent. With access to clean water, there has been marked improvement in health and quality of life.

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Manos Amigas, through its participation in fund raising projects, has built latrines in rural schools, "Escuela Miraflores" and "Escuela Santa Cristina", as these schools did not have the necessary health services for their entire student population. This helped to avoid the proliferation of ailments, and to ensure the health and well-being of children in the area.

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Manos Amigas has a Workshop-School located in the Miraflores III Community of the Municipality of San Luis Talpa, Department of La Paz, in which about 300 women have been trained in the production of artisan products from the fruit of the Morro tree.

The group of women that is currently in our workshop-school has produced high quality products, receiving the support from Manos Amigas for their commercialization through our Marketing Department, thus generating the necessary income for the benefit of the women and their families.

At the same time, these women learn about values, morals, self-esteem, health and personal care, among others, and are empowered to be role models in their families.

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In addition, they attend math classes, thus allowing them to acquire an essential knowledge for all work and business.

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Manos Amigas has identified more women in the area with many economic needs, who do not possess the skills or knowledge necessary to be able to work or undertake any type of business, but who have the potential for learning and above all a desire to work and change their lives and those of their families.  

Through sustained financial assistance from our generous donors, Manos Amigas will continue to reach out to these women and provide education and training for their personal and economic development. 

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The goal of Manos Amigas is to continue changing lives and fulfilling the dreams of those who are most in need, breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering economically disadvantaged families in rural areas. We expand our capacity to serve people by replicating our projects in other rural areas of our country, achieving a multiplier effect for the benefit of El Salvador.

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Wendy Esmeralda Santana González
I have lived in Miraflores III since I was 15 years old and have been served by the clinic since then. I like how they treat me. My first child was born when I turned 18 years old and has been treated at Manos Amigas clinic since birth. This helps me a lot since they give me medicines and food that we cannot buy because we do not have resources.

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Johana Torres
I visited the Manos Amigas clinic for 2 years.  I live in Lotificación Santa Cristina. I have two children who are both in nutritional control and health control. During pregnancy I visited the clinic and they gave me vitamins so that my baby was born healthy. I like the attention they give us and it is easy to access because the other health units are far away and difficult to visit. I thank Manos Amigas that they have a health unit that helps the communities.


Alejandra Delgado
We receive excellent attention at Miraflores clinic, I live quite far away but I like to bring my child to the clinic because they help him a lot with the medicines and food. The doctor helps us with advice and recommendations. I hope they always support us because we need it very much. I thank Manos Amigas. God bless you.

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Rosa del Carmen Deodanes  
I have been working with the Manos Amigas Association for 16 years. I knew the organization in the wake of the earthquakes because they gave us a lot of help. My life changed a lot in terms of health, housing and employment. I am a mother of 3 children, thanks to Manos Amigas, one of them is already a university student and the others continue studying.  This would not have been possible without their help. I am proud to be part of Manos Amigas, making handcrafted products in a unique way. Every day I want to improve in all aspects and stay connected with the Association. 

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Sonia Maribel Galicia Perez
I am a beneficiary of Manos Amigas 13 years ago. They gave me a home and the opportunity to learn a trade to be able to work. I have a daughter with a disability and I had the opportunity to take her to medical treatment. We have the clinic near our house that is very helpful.  Manos Amigas has helped me when I needed it the most.


Yanira Diaz Delgado
Manos Amigas has given me opportunities to get ahead through training in income generating activities. They also helped me build my house. The life of our community is difficult but Manos Amigas helps us move forward and motivates us to be better.  

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