Taking personal education to young girls who live in slum areas

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Founded in September 1975 as the Instituto de Capacitación Profesional para la Mujer (INCAP), Los Samanes is a reality that’s been functioning for 40 years. During this time it has been growing little by little, accumulating positive experiences.


Our aim is to offer quality education to girls in the low income bracket with leadership skills, and to convert them and change factors in their place of origin.

How do we achieve this?

  • We count on the properties and part of the staff of the private schools of Los Campitos (in Caracas) and Altamira (in Maracaibo), in the afternoon shift.

  • Apart from the academic aspect, we also focus on the all-round formation of the students, following programmes of human, moral, social and professional development. In Los Samanes we form for life.

  • Each student counts on a mentor who accompanies her in her personal development by means of bi-weekly interviews, workshops and other work sessions.

  • Their families and the educational team form part of our formational objectives. We firmly believe that the key to educational success is to obtain a positive environment.

Our students

Ages: 12 to 18 years old
Gender: female

Town of Origin

Santa Cruz del Este, Las Minas de Baruta, El Güire, Santa Fe, Sector El Calvario de El Hatillo Vía La Unión El Hatillo, La Dolorita y José Félix Ribas, Petare, among others.

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Studies we offer:

  • Secondary schooling in Sciences

  • Apart from the compulsory subjects,  included in the pensum, within the section on Education for Work: Accounting, Commerce, Computing, Sewing, Technical Drawing, Food preparation, Choir

  • We complement the academic education with projects that enrich and complement our students’ schooling: Cognitive Strategies, Creative Saturdays, Sports, Programmes on values, Academic Reinforcement, walks, workshops, among others.


In Los Samanes our target is not only the formation of our students, but also that of their parents and their teachers.

Beneficiaries (in one year)


  • 265 students at the Institute

  • Their families (approximately 1.600 persons)

  • Teachers and other personnel of the Institute (more than 45 persons) and their families (approximately 170 persons).


All communities in the students’ towns of origin, where those who finish their studies successfully will take their formation and their work so as to improve their family, social life, and their own personal environment.

Online Projects

  • Preparation for Model of the United Nations (students from 3rd, 4th and 5th year)

  • Programs on values for 2nd year students

  • Academic reinforcement for 1st year students

  • Program titled: Learning how to love

  • Sports club Project

  • Universities Agreement Project

  • Project titled: Forming mini businesswomen

  • Creative Saturdays

With your economic assistance,
more women will be qualified to drive social improvement.

Support Los Samanes


Checks made to American Initiatives for Social Development, memo line: Los Samanes, may be sent to:
American Initiatives for Social Development
Murray Hill Station
PO Box 1670
New York, NY 10156-1670