Kumbel and KFCSED

Improving the Lives of Women from Rural Kazakhstan


The State of Women in Kazakhstan


Young women in rural areas of Kazakhstan have limited access to education and opportunities for advancement, suffer gender discrimination and are likely to fall into alcoholism and prostitution. Some migrate to urban areas in search of a better life, but their lack of formal education and training limit their job opportunities and ability to improve their lives and financial situation.

Kazakhstan Foundation for Cultural, Social, and Educational Development (KFCSED) is addressing these needs in a two-way approach:

  1. Providing education, skill training and personal development to women from rural areas (Kumbel Training Center).
  2. Raising awareness and promoting a culture of solidarity among young women in urban areas (We Can Make a Difference).

Kumbel Training Center, a vocational school for young women from under-served rural areas, open its doors in Almaty in 2012. Kumbel offers specialized training in hospitality while fostering professional and personal development. The training courses meet international standards and prepare the students to join a competitive job market or start their own business.

Make a difference in life of a young woman and her future. Adopt a student ($75 per month).

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We Can Make a Difference is a Human Rights education program that brings together young women from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The program provides education as well as hands-on volunteer opportunities, helping participants to develop leadership skills and awareness of their role in promoting and upholding Human Rights, identifying situations where rights are being violated and fostering initiative to take action to address such problems.

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