Improving Women’s Lives in India

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Kamalini Professional Training Center for Women:
Gurgaon, India

Female illiteracy in India stands at 45%. Many young girls dropout from school and migrate to rapidly developing cities in search of jobs in order to support their families. Due to lack of adequate marketable skills these women often have no choice but to take up informal work, for which —without regulations and laws to protect them— they are often underpaid and undervalued.

Since opening its doors in 2007, Kamalini Professional Training Center for Women has helped hundreds of girls and women in India complete their education and receive specialized skill training in retail, textiles, catering, IT, business, microfinance, etc. As a result, they have access to better job opportunities with higher salaries and some have started their own businesses.

In collaboration with NIIT Foundation (the philanthropic arm of a renowned IT Institute in India), Kamalini provides certificate advanced IT courses for girls and women from under-served areas.

Kamalini has established an in-house production center aimed at helping students and alumni start or improve their own businesses. Sales from the products made in the production center help students support themselves while completing training.

American Initiatives is supporting the expansion and construction of Kamalini’s campus on Sohna Road near Gurgaon, Haryana. The expanded campus will have capacity to offer training to some 600 women a year, improving their living conditions and self-reliance. Kamalini’s courses are government certified.




Bijayalaxmi Das is 30 years old and the mother of 3 beautiful children.

Like Bijayalaxmi, many other women are finding a better future thanks to Kamalini.


“My husband and I migrated to New Delhi in search of better employment opportunities. I was at home most of the time and wanted to help my husband with the family expenses, but was unable because I didn’t even know Hindi, the language spoken here. 

Then I got to know about Kamalini Vocational Training Centre and started attending Cutting and Tailoring classes and Hindi Literacy as well with a lot of help from the teachers. Now I’m able to communicate fluently in Hindi and support economically my family, as I earn some money stitching clothes for my neighbors.”                                                                              

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