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Who We Are

Citalá School is a private and independent school offering classes from the 7th to 11th grades in San Salvador, El Salvador. Since 2011, Citalá has been providing opportunities to more than 300 students who have earned full scholarships in order to finish their high school education, and be prepared to continue their academic studies in college. 

Citalá School has also signed a collaborative agreement with several charitable partners. One of the most important is Lamatepec School, a private boys high school which allows use of its outstanding facilities without restrictions to Citalá students during afternoon hours. The “Patronato del Colegio Citalá” (philanthropics advisors), is necessary and responsible for managing donations and funds for scholarships of these young people who cannot afford high level education due to their limited economic resources.

In 2019, 243 students from 7th to 11th grades will receive full scholarships, which include:

- Use of facilities provided by Lamatepec Private School. 
- Highly qualified teaching staff. 
- Didactic materials and school uniforms. 
- Transportation. 
- Counseling for the students and their families.

Our Objective

The main purpose of the Citalá School is to open the minds and hearts of young boys demonstrating exceptional capabilities for personal and academic development, but lacking resources needed for them to reach their dreams. To accomplish this, Citalá provides resources and aid necessary to bring educational opportunities to outstanding Salvadoran public school students, separating and saving them from dangerous gangs and domestic violence.


Our Beneficiaries

In 2019 there are 243 students, but the impact extends to 222 families, giving a total of direct beneficiaries of more than 850 people per year, including parents and siblings. 

- 60% of the students live with both parents. 
- 30% of the students live only with their mothers. 
- 10% live only with their father, or other relatives (grandparents / uncles).
- 90% of families receive an average income around the minimum wage in El Salvador ($ 387.96).
- 50% of families receive an income below the minimum wage ($ 300).

Our Achievements

We have graduated 128 young students. All of them achieving outstanding results in the national secondary exams carried out by the Ministry of Education in El Salvador. For example: in the national PAES exam (Test of Learning and Skills for Middle School Graduates), the average for the entire country of El Salvador in 2018 was 5.06, while the average for Citalá students was 8.06. (on a scale of 1 to 10). The highest grade of a Citalá student in PAES 2018 was 9.22.  

- Diego Vásquez, graduated from the Citalá School in 2016. Thanks to the high quality education received at the Citalá School, he obtained a full scholarship and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at John Brown University, Arkansas, USA. Students are admitted to universities or technical colleges of higher education. More than 80% enjoy discounted fees or scholarships.

- Dropout rates have been reduced in the municipalities of the southern area of the department of La Libertad, El Salvador.

- The young graduates have been prepared for 5 years with a high level education and are able to find a decent job in El Salvador and continue their university studies.

Citalá School: Real Opportunities  

Public schools in El Salvador fail to meet the quality and standards necessary for education of young people. There are many flaws in terms of infrastructure, equipment, teacher training and security. That is why Colegio Citalá chooses the best students from more than 30 public schools, offering them a high quality education, providing them with the tools and the human and academic preparation so that they can become positive agents of change in their communities.    

We are convinced that education is the best route to personal development. This is the main reason we ask for your help in order to support our young needy Salvadoran boys who are deserving of having someone by their side as they begin the challenging journey of their lives. 

Citalá School gives them hope and real possibilities. We empower young people by providing academic knowledge and ethical values, and separating them from the menace of gangs and of the possibility of an early death.

With only $ 1,000 per year, you can contribute to the education of a young boy who has limited economic resources but a great desire to excel.

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Checks made to American Initiatives for Social Development, memo line: Citalá, may be sent to:
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