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American Initiatives for Social Development Foundation (AI) helps strengthen local non-profit organizations worldwide, in various sectors, including education, healthcare, nutrition, skill training, entrepreneurship, agriculture, housing, disaster relief, etc. A number of our affiliates are women-run organizations based in developing countries.

We believe that empowering and supporting local initiatives, run by local individuals, is the most effective way of promoting lasting development. Strengthening local entrepreneurship is essential for creating sustainable development while respecting ethnical and cultural values.

Educational, healthcare and other local non-profit initiatives in developing countries often lack the necessary personnel and resources to attract funding and sustain organic growth. To address this unmet need, American Initiatives provides assistance in a number of areas, including fundraising strategies, networking, strategic planning and growth strategies.

To provide these services pro-bono or at affordable rates, American Initiatives relies on the generosity of individual and corporate donors. 

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