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An estimated that 80% of the population of DR Congo live below the poverty line. Life expectancy is 52 years, and the infant mortality rate is 128/1000.


Bomoko's Role


The precarious situation of the education sector is a source of social unease in a country where over 50% of the population is under 18 years old. Illiteracy among young people is high and only some 50% of children are able to attend school. BOMOKO, a consortium of Congolese Healthcare and Education NGOs, is working to make universal primary and secondary education accessible to all, while improving the education standards to provide Congole youth with the skills they need to help rebuild their country in the years to come.

For the most part, the healthcare infrastructure is in a state of total disrepair and the hygiene and safety conditions are largely unsuitable. In addition, healthcare professionals have little training resources and many have limited experience to provide effective healthcare services. A number of people, particularly in rural areas, have no easy access to healthcare professionals and facilities. Bomoko is working to change this.


Healthcare Initiatives


Help a mother living in extreme poverty. Support Monkole's care programs for mothers from areas of extreme poverty. Your donation of $400 can help cover pregnancy care and hospitalization during childbirth for one of these mothers.

Donate $400

Help a child born with leg bone fractures or deformities have access to surgery that can correct this and enable him/her to have a normal life. Due to nutrition deficiencies, it is very frequent in Congo to find cases of children with deformities in their leg bones. Early surgical intervention can correct these problems. Your donation of $460 can make a difference in a child's life.

Donate $460


Provide water for 7,000 people. Monkole Hospital takes advantage of its infrastructure to distribute resources such as water to the population in the area. 


Your donation of $150 can maintain the generator for water supply for a day.

Donate $150

Your donation of $1,000 can maintain the generator for water supply for a week.

Donate $1000

Your donation of $4,000 can maintain the generator for water supply for a month.

Donate $4000

Provide scholarships for Kimbondo students.


Certificate program (2 modules): $2,568

Donate $2568

Full diploma (4 modules): $5,136

Donate $5136

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